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Our translation crowd will translate your raw text into any of more than 100+ languages. Best suited for low-risk scenarios like internal-facing and user generated content.

Price starting at $0.12 per word
3+ days turnaround

Our professional translation community has the linguistic & domain expertise to take your text files and get them ready for professional use. Recommended for high-value content where accuracy & tonality matter, like web content.

Price starting at $0.20 per word
3+ days turnaround

Your legal contracts, customer presentations, or user manuals will require the knowledge & experience of our best translators and proofreaders. Choose our premium option when anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

Price starting at $0.30 per word
5+ days turnaround

Your creative files need translation and formatting. This service is ideal for highly-visible, customer-facing collateral. We offer an additional round of PDF review for content and format approval before finalization.

Price starting at $45 per page
14+ days turnaround

Let us help transcribe your videos. Our crowd stands ready to create fast, timestamped transcriptions for any of your video content.

Price starting at $6 per minute
3+ days turnaround

This service provides you with translation along with your video transcription. Experienced professional translators will take your video content, burn in subtitles, and deliver a high quality, time-coded SRT file in your target locales​.

Price starting at $48 per minute
3+ days turnaround

Your professional videos require a native-speaker to deliver the right voiceover. Our experts stand ready to help your video content have maximum impact. This service includes a review step of the translated SRT files before any studio work is started.

Price starting at $96 per minute
15+ days turnaround

Over the last 22 years, the experts at Lionbridge have delivered on nearly every conceivable globalization need. Whatever you need, our customer success managers will work to find the perfect solution.

Depends on the scope
Starting at 1 day

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the projects machine translated or handled by native speakers?

- All projects will be translated by native speakers.

Can I cancel a submitted project?

- If you select the Standard and Premium Document workflow, cancellation will be an option.

Is this Lionbridge site secure?

- Yes. All communications on the Lionbridge site are secure.

What are the payment options?

- Credit Card and Purchase Orders can be used on the Lionbridge site.

Are there additional fees?

- There is a 10% PM fee that is obligatory for every project

Can I upload a zip file?

- Yes, zip files can be uploaded within the “All other projects” workflow.

Is there a rush option on the site?

- Yes, this will be an option via the "All other projects" workflow.

What is the process of being alerted when my project is completed?

- Customers will receive an email notification when their project is complete.

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

- Yes.

Do I need to create an account to receive a quote?

- No.

Does Lionbridge issue invoices?

- Customers that use Purchase Orders to submit content will be invoiced. Customers that pay with credit card can request a receipt for their project.

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